Dry Food

Dry Food defines
specializes in product drying technologies in various production industries. We have been working in this sphere since 1993. Our specialists have participated in projects on processing technologies implementation in Russian and CIS countries enterprises.

«Dry Food» group of companies brings together several enterprises in one partnership, the main activities of which are the following:

  • image5organization of drying facilities on a turnkey basis;
  • technological and technical maintenance of manufacturing projects;
  • development and production of technological equipment;
  • development of drying industry innovative products;
  • production and disposal of dried products;
  • development of sales segment under «Zdorovaya Eda” trademark.

Subunit carries of The engineering out projects on creation of production capacities for product processing on a turnkey basis. The steps of engineering include:

  • Concept development;
  • Pre-drafting and project works;
  • Engineering and technical work;
  • Mounting and start-and-adjustment works;
  • Works production technology implementation;

Equipment for the drying industry is presented in the following forms:

  • cabinet equipment
  • belt automatic dryers
  • tunnel dryers

drying equipment technologies:

  • convective
  • infrared
  • sublimation
  • cylindrical

Product dehydration technologies are implemented in the following industries:

  1. Food industry.
  • Dried vegetables (onion, carrot, potato, cabbage, beet, paprika, tomatoes, garlic)
  • dried fruit and berries (grapes, apple, plums, apricot, raspberry, strawberry)
  • dried mushrooms (boletus, aspen mushroom, griolle, champignon)
  • dried greenery and herbs (dill, parsley, onions, mint, hop)
  • dried meat and fish
  1. Agriculture
  2. Pharmaceutical industry (medicinal herbs)
  3. Chemical Industry