мирRussia is a country with a vast territory and the richest potential to grow and produce food. We are already exporting grain, we are beginning to export soybean, however we are still lagging behind in processing, particularly in drying. Thus, according to international statistics, Asia dries 7% of its harvest, Europe- 16%, United States- 22% while in Russia it’s only 2



Today we all face a very important issue: food security maintaining for Russia through active import phaseout. Current market situation is fairly critical. According to market studies, customs and agricultural analysis and calculations conducted by our company's specialists, up to 95% of dried vegetables are imported from abroad. The main suppliers are China, India, countries of Central Asia and Eastern Europe.

All these facts reduce catastrophically our country's food security. It is the category of foodstuffs where the strategic food stocks are forming, as well as food for armed forces and controlled persons. The amounts of shipped products are estimated at thousands of tons per billions of rubles. In addition, drying industry production is raw material for the entire food industry, from meat procession to confectionery, from sauces and ketchup to quick-served food. Thus, despite the growth of domestic producers of raw meat and vegetables, the majority of ingredients for food industry continue to be supplied from abroad.

Our company proposes to break the existing negative "raw" commodity structure of our industry and restore the drying branch of food industry.