Import substitution

An overriding priority of our company is to create a strong drying industry in Russia. Critical success factor for such aim is effective import.Our specialists have developed a range of technological solutions to produce both equipment and end product on the territory and by efforts of domestic industry. The implementation of a strategic plan on the creation of drying plants network in Russia will provide high-tech jobs for thousands of people.

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Снимок экрана 2016-09-08 в 11.11.34Application of drying technologies for processing raw materials makes it possible to increase production profitability, monetize large amounts of raw materials and significantly increase the shelf-life of products. Economic effect only in vegetable farming can reach hundreds of millions rubles. Considering the combined effect of agricultural stuff processing industry creation in the regions it is possible to expect economic activity uptick, which will create a multiplier effect and will attract investors interested in sustainable and guaranteed marketing of production.