• Price and quality. Assembly sites are located in Russia, China and Germany; it allows to find the best quality and price options for equipment.


  • Reliability. No marketing tricks. We are independent from equipment manufacturers whose main task is to sell their equipment. Our job is to create a profitable and working business for customer.


  • Result. We will choose and implement a drying technology (convective, infrared, sublimation, etc.) that would be economically reasonable and profitable.


  • Experience. Our team of specialists has been working in drying industry since 1993. We have enough experience and knowledge to implement even the most complex project.


  • Saving. You'll save a great amount of money by choosing to cooperate with us. In some cases, such saving could be up to 80% of budget.


  • Marketing. An important stage in any project realization is search and development of sales market. Having experience in this field more than 20 years we are ready to sale all your production mutually.