Pre-draft works


After the stage of enterprise concept development, stage of the pre-drafting works comes.

This type of works is mandatory and no less important than design works. Correct preparation of all information and the techno-economic calculations made by qualified specialists determine the success of further design and construction of modern production plant.

Dry Food defines the following points as its objectives:

  • collection, preparation and analysis of the input data to begin the design;
  • techno-economic calculation of creation, upgrading or expansion of the production site; preparation of other materials required for implementation of the project;
  • preparation of other materials required for implementation of the project;
  • development of technical enquiry for design;

As a result we get:

  • correct selection of place for the production site;
  • technical enquiry for design;

Main working documents of pre-design works stage are the road maps and the plans for production facilities siting. The documentation defines:

  • concept relevance;
  • the enterprise's productivity substantiation, range of products produced, supply of raw materials and energy (gas, electricity, etc.), water, sewage, building materials and other necessary infrastructure;
  • requirements for production project development, as well as for choice of appropriate technologies and technical solutions;
  • data on required investments, implementation terms and cost-effectiveness;
  • data on necessary material costs and timing of the project, on expected economic viability and comparison of project indicators with indicators of industry leaders.

Our company implements the engineering approach while designing and construction of modern technologically advanced manufacturing plants. Such projects are typically characterized by a certain amount of investment, significant design time and complexity of implementation and automation. In this case, the task of the engineering company “Dry Food” is to consolidate, under its name several enterprises with appropriate competencies. These may be third-party engineering companies, project organizations, technology vendors and OEMs, construction and installation companies, customer representatives and other organizations involved in different stages of project implementation.


Prior to the beginning, within the framework of pre-design works it is necessary to collect a lot of information. In order for the data to be prepared correctly, “Dry Food” company forms a task team that includes: project manager, food technologist, equipment engineer, design engineer, power engineer, economist and other specialists needed at this stage.

In case of modernizing, automating or renovation of the existing production complex, our team of specialists travels to the site for checking.

The cost of the pre-drafting works is calculated based on the characteristics of the future production. For a service consultation, please write on e-mail or phone + 7 495 943 90 05.