Enterprise concept development

Enterprise concept development

The first stage of our work on the project begins with the creation of a full-fledged concept of future enterprise. First stage of work results in three types of regulatory plans necessary for creation of design and engineering documentation. These are Project Master Plan, project Business plan, and engineering project.

Project master plan on processing includes:

  1. Structural plan. Development of planning concept based on alternative solutions. Structural planning for functionality, technology, hygiene, and compliance with the requirements of European standards in general view
  2. Preliminary draft. On the basis of the decisions taken during structural planning the following plans will be created:
  • Master plan showing the roadways and facilities as well as parkings for freight transport.
  • Main floors draftings as drawing is a preliminary concept with a suspected breakdown of the spaces.
  • Presentation of functional processes based on critical technology equipment.
  • Imposing of basic processes as a layout for material flows to the main drawing.
  • Presentation of major staff movements to drawings.
  • Main section.
  • Main views.

Концепция производства

Business plan on drying includes:

  1. Brief project survey.
  2. Concept of proposed project.
  3. Analysis of the state of the industry.
  4. Analysis of markets for products and purchase of raw materials. (The market for raw materials, materials and components. Competition in the market. Project marketing strategy.)
  5. Organizational plan. (Project implementation team. Main partners. Plan for project implementation. Legal questions about project carrying out.)
  6. Financial plan. (Definition of conditions and assumptions for calculations.) Production lineup and prices. Definition of financial resources required for project implementation. Business plan. Production schedule. Need for material resources. Cost of resources. Calculation of material cost to produce a unit of output. Cost structure. Staff and manning table. Disbursements. Revenue and expenditure budget, as well as of gain and losses. Cash flow budget. Financial result of the project.)
  7. Project risks estimation.

Бизнес план производства

Engineering design of food facility includes:

  1. Architecture
  • Building typology
  • Building construction
  • Sewage system
  • External technical installations
  1. Technology. The plans will include:
  • Production processes and material flows
  • Machinery and technical equipment
  • Hoisting and transport facility
  • Residential areas and the walking paths for personnel
  • Checkrooms
  • Buffer zones
  • Hygiene facilities
  • Engineering Project

Engineering design

After preparation and reconciling data with the customer, we enter upon the next stage of work: pre-drafting and pre-drafting works.

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