Equipment for drying.

Nowadays Russian statistics show that up to 50% of the vegetables and fruit go to waste in the fields, storage facilities and wholesale warehouses etc. We offer our customers to consider one of the best and most reliable options for conservation of horticultural production -drying. We are also ready to consider the questions of finished dried production sale in future after launching and setup of production.

Dry food offers sets of drying equipment for vegetables and fruit drying. A convection type of drying equipment is used to obtain good product quality and minimum product value. This equipment is intended for wide use and makes it possible to dry all types of vegetables, fruit, herbs, fodder, etc.

Оборудование для сушки

We not only sell the equipment, but also do a complete production cycle setting up on turnkey basis. We perform full technical support for the project and assist in sale of the finished product. A number of plants for vegetables drying, including in the Chuvash Republic and in Kazakhstan, have been built by our technical specialists from the ground up.

Depending on the desired performance, there are several variants of dryers:

  • Cabinet dryers.
  • Box-type dryers.
  • Automatic single-level dryers.
  • Automatic multi-level dryers.

Cabinet dryers.

drying equipmentDrying cabinets tend to be of little performance. They are often used for sensitive foods drying, where it is important to maintain the appearance and structure. These could be mushrooms, berries, herbs, fruit. This equipment is also suitable for fish and meat drying. A great virtue of cabinets is small cost comparing with other types of drying. Cabinet dryers are suitable for small plants or for those who want to try their hand in a new direction of business.


Box-type dryers.

Общий вид_сушилокThis kind of drying equipment has average performance. Despite the large amount of manual labor, this equipment can produce a large quantity of mass goods, such as dried potatoes, beets, carrots, cabbages, etc. The ovens occupy an attractive price niche, and do not yield to the automatic quality and performance lines, but win at the price.



Belt dryer.

Ленточное сушильное оборудованиеAutomatic belt dryers are intended for large industrial production. They obtain high performance and can be used for the whole range of products produced. Relatively high cost of such production is quickly repaid by large amounts of production. There are two kinds of such equipment: single-level and multi-level dryers. These machines have roughly equal characteristics, but multi-level dryers through their design are constructed for small spaces, but with a high ceiling, while single-level dryers - for spaces with larger area.

To get consultation on drying equipment and for the calculation of cost and technical characteristics of the call on the phone in 2009. cheboksary + 7 (8352) 63 - 77 - 33 or mr.. moscow + 7 495 943 - 90 - 05