Box dryer

Боксовые сушилки

Боксовая сушилка СБ-75

Drying boxes are the most available devices of drying equipmentHaving performance comparable to the automatic drying facilities, they cost much cheaper. The only feature of this type of equipment is the increased requirement for the number of workers. But in special operating conditions, it turns into advantage.
Applying during drying process several units of boxing drying equipment gradually and continuously it is possible to make drying process sustained. Equipment management system allows to fine-tune the options and drying modes that are responsible for the final quality of the product.
These dryers are most needed in food industry, as well as in chemical and pharmaceutical industries, for secondary raw materials dehydration, etc.
For statistics-in the world, up to 50 per cent of all dried vegetables are manufactured by this type of equipment.

Drying process.

Drying principle of this equipment is convective. Fresh vegetables are first pre-processed: washing, cleaning, cutting, etc. Then being ready for drying vegetables go into the box dryer batcher. In batcher water is evaporated by hot air, the flow of which is directed to the product. The moisture is removed by the exhaust fan.
During the drying process, the product can mixed both by strong air flows and by workers. This effect is similar to “fluidized beddryer” drying, that significantly increases the efficiency.
As a result of years of experience in the design and building of drying facilities, Dry Food company obtains proven figures that can be used as a basis for new constructive solutions. In addition, the results of laboratory tests contribute to development of correct design. Thanks to these knowledge we can establish the best options in each box: air humidity, speed and direction of air flow, temperature etc.
Heating of working air is carried out directly by means of gas, oil, steam heat exchangers and other similar blast heaters. Actual air supply is based on technological requirements, from the bottom upwards.


Main technical parameters of SB 75 (with 10 boxes)

1. The line is made up of 10 of the drying boxes of SB 75-series.
2. Source of heating: steam (it is possible to apply: oil, gas, water, electricity, etc.).
3. Working temperature: 60-120 ° C.
4. Required vapour pressure: 0.3-0.8 MPa.
5. Consumption of steam: 1600-1800 kg per hour.
6. Electricity consumption 75 kw/hr
7. The amount of air consumed: 103 000-140 000 m3/hour
8. Performance of the entire line by raw material: 750 kg per hour.

Application of box-type dryers:

Such drying boxes are used for drying and dehydration of raw materials in different industries:
1. Food industry
• Dried vegetables (onion, carrot, potato, cabbage, beet, paprika, tomato, garlic) greenery (dill, parsley, onion)
• Dried fruit and berries (grapes, apple, plum, apricot, raspberry, strawberry)
• Dried mushrooms (boletus, aspen mushroom, griolle, champignon)
• Dried greenery and herbs (dill, parsley, onions, mint, hop)
• Dried meat and fish
2. Agriculture
3. Pharmaceutical industry (medicinal herbs)
4. Chemical Industry
5. Consumer industry
6. Large-scale industry

This type of equipment is used for dehydration (dehydration) of vegetables, fruits, herbs, mellon, production of raw materials for medicine, pills, powders, granules, pigments, dyes, electrical elements, plastic resin, etc.