Belt dryer

Ленточная сушильная установкаAutomatic dryers.

Among various types of equipment for high-temperature drying, belt dryers are characterized by the continuity of the process and high and accurate performance of dehydration process. By applying different kinds of equipment, the operator is able to control almost all the physical parameters for the product being dried. Thus, the features of the equipment give the opportunity to adapt the drying temperature, the time of work cycle, as well as speed and direction of air depending on the product and the desired result. These drying plants are most needed in food industry, as well as in chemical and pharmaceutical industries, for the dehydration of secondary raw materials, etc.

Belt dryers can be both single-level and multi-level. The single-level drying facilities are most applicable fr products that could easily be broken or damaged when they are rehydrated. In addition, a single-level dryers allow to regulate better temperature, humidity and airflow in each compartment of the chamber, this fact has a positive impact on finished product quality. On contrary, frequent displacing and tumbling of raw material is required. In such cases, it is useful to apply a multi-level dryer. In addition having smaller sizes, a multi-level dryer can be used in conditions where the room area is limited.

Автоматическая сушильная камера

Drying process.

Конвейерная сушильная установкаBelt dryer is a drying chamber working on the principle of continuous convection. Raw materials for drying are transported using a steel belt through the dryer, exposed to streams of hot air. Intensive and well organized, in terms of air flow direction, the convection system is a prerequisite for obtaining a finished product of high quality. To achieve homogeneity in product drying correct feeding is important, so it is necessary to use a feed system adapted to a particular product and drying process.

During drying process, the product remains stationary. If any product disposition is required from a technology cycle perspective, this can be achieved by installing additional devices- turners. An additional displacing is also provided during the process of transferring the product from tape to tape. While product turning during drying, the product loses its moisture and that contributes to obtaining of homogeneous and high quality product.