Cabinet dryer

Drying process.

ShkafVegetables, fruit, herbs are firstly pre-treated by: washing, cleaning, cutting, etc., and then the product ready for drying arrives at the inspection table, is being distributed evenly on pallets and placed in drying cabinets. In drying cabinets water is evaporated by hot air, the flow of which is directed to the product itself. The moisture is removed by the exhaust fan and the hot air is recycling to provide high efficiency of the process.

Drying cabinet is equipped with a fan with a low loudness level of axial stream and automatic temperature control system. The system is completely leak-proof. This increases the efficiency to 70%. The successful development of a closed-circuit of ventilation system has led the technology to the highest level in different countries. This saves a lot of energy and increases the profitability of business.

Main technical parameters

  1. Energy sources: steam, gas, hot water, electricity, oil, infrared radiation.
  2. Operating mode of temperature while steam drying: 50 ~ 140 ° C, max. 150° C
  3. Operating mode of temperature while electric drying: 50 ~ 350 ° C
  4. Presence of automatic control system and computer control system.
  5. Required steam pressure 0.02 ~ 0.8 MPa
  6. Average electric power consumption in electrical cabinets is approximately 2-3 times lower than the maximum (the maximum values are specified) t
  7. Requirements for non-standard cabinets are set separately.
  8. Requirement for a working temperature being up to 60 ° C and over 140 ° C must be specified before making an order.
  9. Trays for drying cabinets ordered in our company are interchangeable and suitable for all the models of cabinet equipment.
  10. Size of the trays for drying is 460 x 640 x 45 mm

Steam variant of execution.

Type Loading of raw materials, kg Average electricity consumption, kWh Steam consumption kg/h Volume of air consumption (m3/h) Trays Trolleys Dimensions

СШ-I 100 0.45 18 3450 48 2 2300х1200х2000
СШ-II 200 0.9 36 6900 96 4 2300х2200х2000
СШ-III 300 1.35 54 10350 144 6 2300х3220х2000
СШ-IV 400 1.8 72 13800 192 8 4460х2200х2290

Steam variant of execution.

Type Loading of products, kg Maximum electricity consumption, kWh Average electricity consumption, kWh Volume of air consumption (m3/h) Trays Trolleys Dimensions
СШ-I 100 15,45 5 – 8 3450 48 2 2300х1200х2000
СШ-II 200 30,9 10 – 15 6900 96 4 2300х2200х2000
СШ-III 300 46,35 15 – 23 10350 144 6 2300х3220х2000
СШ-IV 400 61,8 20 – 30 13800 192 8 4460х2200х2290

Equipment scheme


Application of drying cabinets

Drying cabinets are used for drying and dehydration of raw materials in different industries:

  1. Food industry
  • Dried vegetables (onion, carrot, potato, cabbage, beet, paprika, tomatoes, garlic) greenery (dill, parsley, onion)
  • dried fruit and berries (grapes, apple, plums, apricot, raspberry, strawberry
  • dried mushrooms (boletus, aspen mushroom, griolle, champignon)
  • dried greenery and herbs (dill, parsley, onion, mint, hop)
  • Dried meat and fish
  1. Agriculture
  2. Pharmaceutical industry (medicinal herbs)
  3. Chemical Industry
  4. Light industry
  5. Consumer and large-scale industry

This type of equipment is used for dehydration of vegetables, fruit, herbs, gourds, production of raw materials for medicine, pills, powders, granules, pigments, dyes, electrical elements, plastic resins, etc.

Equipment features

  • Hot air circulates inside the cabinet. Drying efficiency is increased by retaining the energy source.
  • High performance fans fitted with adjustable air inflows are installed in cabinets. As a result, uniform drying of raw materials is achieved.
  • The equipment has a low noise level and the temperature can be controlled automatically.
  • Drying facilities are easily to be mounted and applied. They are used in many industries.