Sublimation chamber

Sublimation chamber

Sublimation chambers. The advantages of Dry Food.

1. Efficiency of heater plates. The material for hot plates is aircraft aluminium with the anodised coating. This allows to get 100% energy transmission to the product in form of radiation. The warming uniformity of raw materials is assured.

2. Additional moisture condenser. Two moisture condensers are installed under the hot plates in the drying chamber. Firstly the moisture enters the first condenser until it is filled. When the first capacitor is full, the chamber with the second condenser starts working. Meanwhile, the first condensation chamber begins the process of deicing and preparation for the next condensation cycle.

3. Continuous deicing. When the second chamber begins to condense water vapor, the first chamber begins deicing process on the coil, allowing the process of product sublimation to be uninterrupted. Being deiced, the net coil is ready for the next condensation cycle.

4. Automatic control system. The improved intelligent control system provides a stable and reliable drying operation for a long period of time. In addition, the system has an accessible interface; it is easy in use and does not require any special skills of technical staff.

5. Maintenance of useful elements. Sublimation dryer operates under low temperature and vacuum, so that the contents of nutrients and other useful elements of raw materials is maintained in finished products, which is particularly important in drying sensitive to heating materials.

6. The shape of products remains unchanged. The water contained in the product goes directly from the solid state (ice) to the gaseous one (steam), so the product structure does not change, but simply creates an empty space instead of the ice crystals.

7. The color of the products remains unchanged. As drying process occurs in a low-temperature and vacuum environment, physical and chemical properties of finished product remain virtually unchanged. The probability of oxidation and fermentation is negligible, and it becomes possible to preserve the original natural color of the product.

8. The odour of products remains unchanged. As far as aromatic components of raw materials are moving into an amorphous state while freezing, the odours while ice sublimation are mostly preserved.

9. Preservation of dry substances. Due to the low speed of water steam, sublimation, dry materials remain in a calm state and is therefore are kept entirely in their original state.

Принцип сублимационной сушки

General characteristics of the equipmentThis dryer applies dual condensers for vacuum sublimation dryers the principle of sublimation drying with two alternating moisture condensers. Green trays with product are located between the red heaters, condensing chambers (the first and the second) are located under the heating elements inside the drying chamber. The scheme shows how the second chamber condenses steam coming from the product. Furthermore the desired vacuum pressure is supported to maintain drying process. The first chamber works in deicing mode. Cold steam (15 ~ 25 ℃) comes from ice-protection tank to the first chamber to deice the tubes, thawing water flows to the tank to remove ice and is utilized. Condensation and thawing functions are alternating between the chambers with the help of automated control system. Thus, a similar construction allows to design different load capacities and has advantages comparing with other types of lyophile dryers.

Sublimation chamber Sublimation chamber