Dried Cabbage

Mid seasoning and late-ripening sorts of white cabbage are used for the production of dried cabbages. The cabbage produced corresponds to the State Standard 7586-71 and to State Standard 52622-2006. Dried cabbage is widely used in food industry.

Class I and Class II cabbge are distinguished. Higher quality of the Class I dried cabbage is ensured by less quantity of small particles, slightly burnted cabbage, blacks and fewer stalk particles. Shavings are elastic with a slight fragility. When the moisture is low, the cabbage is fragile.

Dried cabbage is produced in the form of shavings, evenly chopped. The shavings exceed 5 mm in the highest linear dimension. The moisture of the dried cabbage shall not exceed 14%; in agreement with the customer the cabbage may be produced with a moisture not exceeding 8%.

It takes about 25 minutes to recover fully the weight of cabbage while cooking. Moreover 1 kg of dried cabbage corresponds to 6-8 kg of fresh one.

Paper and polypropylene bags, as well as cardboard boxes can serve as package. The product is usually packed in 10 -25 kg bags. Storage conditions are the following: dry warhouse with relative humidity to 75%, temperature up to 25 °C and no water contact.