Dried carrot

Today caroot is one of the most wide spread vegetable crops in Russia. Final mass consumer of carrots are households. In an increasingly competitive environment new products are offered by shops and networks. Nowadays it is impossible to suprise a consumer with washed carrot; boiled and chopped carrots appear on shop boards. In such situation on one hand, product price is increasing, but on the other hand, requirements to vendor are being restrickted. More and more consumers are demanding "standard", "beautiful" fruit. The buyer is less and less ready to buy carrot that do not comply with his demands on size and trade dress. As a result, most of the harvest (up to 30%) remains unclaimed and either remains in the field, or goes for a song to household plots. Together with this one, there are problems of price fluctuations and the preservation of crops. For example, during the season, prices for crude carrots are significantly reduced, and in order to maintain the cultivated amounts for winter, significant investment in storage is required. Moreover, having preserved the harvest, producers are not safe from the competition with southern countries (Iran, Azerbaijan and others).

Морковь сушенаяAs a result, the majority of producers are forced to "donate" their crops to dealers at low prices in order to "return" their money spent on cultivation and collection.

What is the way to maximize rofit and avoid price risks? It is to organize treating facility, namely, carrot drying. Here are some benefits of such production: dried carrots do not require special storage and transportation conditions, they are reduced in size (up to 4 times) and weight (up to 8 times). The retention period is increased to 3 years, without the use of additional preservatives. There is always a steady demand for dried carrots. The main consumers are processing industries. The establishment of the enterprise does not require significant investments, payback period is about 1-2 seasons. Now, as usual, dried carrots are imported from offshore trading companies. Many consumers of dried carrots are interested in purchasing domestic products. This reduces their foreign exchange risks, as well as transport and logistics costs and import dependence of finished products.

An important factor for agricultural producer is investment. Many large companies are now seriously considering to invest their funds in agriculture. Companies that have mastered processing of grown production even in minute volumes receive substantial advantage when choosing projects for financing.Cушеная морковь