Dried paprika

Dried paprika can be cut or grinded and powdered. It has a humidity of 7%-8%. Depending on the quality of product, paprika can be divided into Class I and Class II. Faction is also determined by cutting and external view. These can be flat rings, long bars along the whole fruit, cubes and semi- rings. Consistency is bulk, fragile, slight elasticity is possible.

The most healthful flavor of pepper- bell pepper is used in production of dried paprika. It is known for the content of a vast range of useful substances. «Dry Food» company offers its customers dried paprika produced in China and Uzbekistan. Paprika collection and drying takes place in August - October. At this period we can offer this product at the most attractive price. We are also ready to conclude preliminary contracts for production of dried bell pepper for purchase.

Dried paprika also obtains all the healthful properties of bell pepper. When drying, all amino acids, vitamins, and microelements are retained without any changes.

It is a part of many dry cooking mixtures. It is used in Asian, Mediterranean and European cuisine. Powder dried paprika is usually applied in cooking. Dried paprika, apart from smell and taste, colors the food in orange or red when heated. Meanwhile paprika is easily to be burnt giving a bitter taste. In food industry it is also used as a dye.

Dried paprica is conventionally packed in polypropylene bags, cardboard boxes. The period of retention under normal conditions is up to two years, when sealed - up to three years, with relative humidity up to 75%, temperature is up to 25° C without contact with water and direct sunlight.