Dried apples

Dried apples.

For industrial processing (drying) sour or sour-sweet varieties of apples are the most suitable. For greater economic efficiency, it makes sense to use varieties with high content of dry matter, more than 12%.

The raw material intended for processing should have minimum number of wrinkled fruits. Defective raw materials with rot, pests and other are not allowed in the production process.

Depending on the final result and the sales requirements, there are three types of preliminary preparation of apples before the drying process:

  • the peel and the core are removed from the fruits, and it is processed by special technological solutions.
  • the core is removed, but not the peel, and it is also processed by special technological solutions.
  • the core and the peel are not removed.

A detailed technical drawing of the production process of dried apples using belt drying chambers is provided upon request, after the technical specification is completed.

In order to improve the performance of the technological equipment, drying of apples requires the fruit sorting. The fruit calibration cycle is applicable if dried apples with removed peel and core are produced. When the raw material is sorted, the fruits less than 3.5 cm are rejected and are not involved in the process of dried apples production. The calibrated fruits are washed on the relevant equipment. For apples the washers of drum or fan-type are used. Peeling and core removal are also performed on special technological equipment. Removed peel and core are recycled. (A deeper processing is also possible).

The most efficient apple cutting is at slices of 5-6 mm. The cut fruits are loaded with a conveyor-type bath with special technological solution. The apples processed this way are received by the device for surface moisture removal from the products.

After the process of moisture and excess solution removal from the surface, the products follow to belt dryer using transporter-dispenser. The apples are distributed in a uniform layer for correct drying process. Output is sorted, weighed, and packed.

In the production of dried apples in tunnel-type equipment , the fruits are cut after cleaning at the slices with thickness of 6-7 mm, then processed, placed on the sieve and put in cars.

If in the manufacturing process the correct technology for the dried apples production is used, a product of high merchantable quality is obtained. Dried apples, treated with special solutions in accordance with our technology, have a good marketable condition, the color of the flesh is white, taste and aroma fully conform to the taste and aroma of fresh apples.

As an option of this technology, you can manufacture an innovative product such as dried apple chips.

Сушеные яблоки (яблочные чипсы)