Dried potato

Прозводство сушеного картофеляDried potatoes Production of dried potatoes. Before drying it undergoes pre-treatment, blanching and drying itself. Finished product is widely used for the needs of the national economy. In Russia, potatoes are produced according to State Standard 28432-90, complying with all the public health regulations.
According to State Standard 3 classes are being produced depending on quality indicators: extra, Class I and Class II. They differ from each other in evenness of cutting, consistency, the humidity level, the amount of overcooked potatoes, dark spots, the residue of the skin and rest bud marks.

Dried potatoes is usually produced in three forms of cutting: straw (bars), cubes, and plates.

Cubes of dried potatoes. In restored state the size of the sides is 5-10 mm and the cutting is smooth.

Сушеный картофель столбики

Dried potatoes in plates. In restored view their thickness is up to 4 mm, length and width - 15 mm.
Straw (bars) of dried potatoes. In restored view the thickness is 2-3 mm, the width - 6 mm, the length - 10 mm or more for extra class. Thickness is up to 7 mm, width up to 9 mm and length -10 mm or more for Class I and Class II.

According to thickness cubes are solid while the bars and plates are fragile.
Colour depends on the potato class and the temperature of the drying, and according to State Standard 28432-90 it may have hints of white and yellow.
The humidity of dried potatoes is up to 8% for extra class, and up to 12% for Class I. Time of cooking for complete reconstitution of 1 kg of dried potatoes corresponds to 6-8 kg of fresh ones. The time of cooking to full reconstitution is 25 minutes.
As usual dried potatoes are packed in polypropylene bags with a plastic liner of 20-25 kg. If the customer desires, it can be packed in cardboard boxes, also with a plastic liner.
Сушеный картофель кубикиStorage and transportation of dried product is much simpler than fresh one. Dried potatoes may be stored 3 -5 years from the moment of production without changing their properties. The temperature mode is also of little importance. It is possible to store it in an unheated room. The main thing is to keep it away from humidity.

Dried potatoes are almost identical to fresh ones in terms of their functionality. The product is widely used in catering industry as a substitution. Excellent product quality marks can be achieved applying belt dryers.