Dried fennel

The most common and beloved spice is dill, whose birthplace is Asia. It is a component of many sets of spices. Both fresh and dried dill is used in cooking.

Ether oils give the fennel an extraordinary flavor. They retain their properties when drying.

Fresh greenery of various fennel classes is used for dill drying. Production dill corresponds to State Standard 16732-71. Despite the fact that State Standard became legally invalid in Russia and the quality requirements are now determined by the customer, our producers are guided by the quality required by the research institutes in 1971.

Dried dill is produced both bulk ("needles") and powdered. The moisture content in "needles" doesn’t exeed 14%, in powder- 8%.

The first class of fennel in bulk has the following properties:

Leaves without stems or with thin, not yet hardened stems. The mass share of hardened stems is not more than 2, for Class II-7. Needles are fragile, slight elasticity is allowed. Taste and odour correspond to greenery types, extraneous tastes and smells are excluded. The color is green. For Class II, a brownish tint is allowed.

For full recovery while cooking it takes about five minutes. Herewith 1 kg of dried fennel corresponds to 6-8 kg of fresh one, depending on raw materials class.

Strict requirements, applied to fennel package are eliminated. We use a package that prevents light and moisture impact. These may be polypropylene bags or cardboard boxes with or without liners, upon conforming with client.

Storage conditions like other dried vegetables-dry storage, with relative humidity up to 75%, temperatures up to + 25°C, and no water contact. Dried fennel on the light loses its properties.